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Bactifeed increases the health of your soil so your plants can thrive.

Organic. Safe. Effective.

Healthy plants start with healthy soil

Healthy soil is rich in microorganisms. Bactifeed enriches your soil with living organic matter.
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What we do

Organic, environmentally friendly and effective, Bactifeed has a wide series of applications ranging from farms and golf courses to lawns and gardens.
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Soil remediation alternative

Bactifeed is an organic soil conditioner that is formulated to continuously revitalize your soil, resulting in higher harvestable yields and improved crop quality.
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Increase the yields of crops as diverse as alfalfa, corn, wheat and many types of produce

Golf Courses

Make your greens and fairways the greenest and healthiest they have ever been


Beautify your lawn by making it greener and healthier while saving water and fertilizer


Grow the greatest produce you have ever grown by improving your garden’s fertility