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Bactifeed Applications

Bactifeed nourishes, replenishes and rejuvenates soil with healthy, organic bacteria


Increase the yields of crops as diverse as alfalfa, corn, wheat and many types of produce


Golf Course

Make your greens and fairways the greenest and healthiest they have ever been

Lawn & Garden

Beautify your lawn by making it greener and healthier while saving on water and fertilizer


Speed up your composting process while producing higher quality compost


Increase quality and yield while decreasing overall operation cost

How do we increase quality and yield?

Bactifeed increases the biological activity in the soil which opens up valuable space for the root structure to thrive. We also increase the metabolism of the soil and improve soil fertility as well. These combined factors lead to consistently better quality and crop yield.

How do we decrease operation costs?

Using Bactifeed opens up and stimulates the soil to absorb and metabolize fertilizer. Bactifeed literally makes the ground softer, more penetrable, and more workable. The result is less water use, less fertilizer use, and less fuel consumption when tilling or turning fields.

Golf Course

Transform your golf course into the best looking and most sustainable golf course in town

Bactifeed was used on Arizona National from April 2016 – April 2017 and the results were astonishing. Visually, the course was transformed. Bactifeed is a game changer for golf course management. The course was able to cut water usage by approximately 20% (well over $100k annualized at $900/AF), reduce fertilizer use by approximately 50%, in addition to increasing the number of rounds played on the course.

See video below for what Dave Herman, Certified Golf Course Superintendent, has to say about his experience using Bactifeed:


Burn spots, bare spots, poor water penetration, poor root penetration, sad and sorry looking fairway.


After 12 months Bactifeed use, Arizona National was transformed while saving over $100k on water and cutting fertilizer use by 50% for the year!

Lawn & Garden

Grow gorgeous gardens and the greenest grass organically while using the least amount of water you ever have
More flowers, more growth

Increased uptake of nitrogen and other nutrients stimulates flower production. The biological activity within your soil makes fertilizers that you have used in the past (and were essentially dormant) available to your plants today!

Make your lawn & garden greener, healthier, and more durable!

From California to Deleware and everywhere in between, residential Bactifeed has improved yards, gardens, compost heaps and flower pots.

Increased uptake of nitrogen and other nutrients makes your plants greener than green! Our gardeners often remark that they’ve never seen their gardens look as lush as they do when Bactifeed is used regularly to maintain a stable and robust population of microorganisms in their soil.

Less water

By increasing the rate at which water is absorbed by your soil, far less water is lost to evaporation. This effect applies equally to water that you apply and to natural rainfall.

The soils’ increased permeability draws water deeper into the soil and closer to the finer root systems. Making for the best and most efficient way for your plants to drink. Less water is wasted in the upper few inches of your topsoil!

Our residential packages are cost effective and can make a huge difference in the health of your lawn or garden. Just one 8 oz container can provide the nutrients required by a 5,000 square foot lawn for 2 seasons!


Accelerate your composting schedule and increase the nutrients in your compost

Create market ready compost in 2, 3, even 4x faster with Bactifeed!

Normally composting is a time-driven process, using water and turning devices to assist in anaerobic decomposition.

Bactifeed accelerates this process by putting literally billions of microbes into your compost piles which aerobically break down the compost. Utilizing the power of microbes, Bactifeed dramatically speeds the breakdown of organic materials and allows more field-ready compost to be generated in the same amount of time.

Commercial compost companies who historically composted for 9-12 months have found that, using Bactifeed, they were able to cut that time to as little as 60 to 90 days depending on how aggressive they were with product application.

And the best part is the end product: superior-quality, rich, fertile compost ready for sale or use on your farm!

Cost Effective

Faster Turnaround

Better Product

Easy to Use

At just pennies per yard per treatment, Bactifeed instantly makes your composting operation more profitable.

With Bactifeed, less time is required to turn raw compost / manure into usable / sellable product.

With Bactifeed a much higher quality product is generated that is loaded with microbes which will continue to break down manures and enrich soils.

Bactifeed is extremely simple to use: virtually no additional labor is involved; no Hazmat licenses, specialized equipment nor protective equipment required!