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Biological Soil Conditioner FAQ

An FAQ about why bacteria are central to the health of your soil and the growth of your plants


Kind words from farmers and golf course care professionals about the benefits of Bactifeed

Farming applications

Increase the yields of crops as diverse as alfalfa, corn, wheat and many types of produce

Golf course applications

Making your greens and fairways the greenest and healthiest they can be!

Composting Applications

Speed your commercial or personal composting with Bactifeed organic compost accelerator!

Photo / video gallery of successes

View before and after videos and photos of fields and golf courses treated with Bactifeed

Lawn and garden

Bactifeed organic bacteriological soil conditioner makes your lawn greener and your garden bloom

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Buy bacteriological soil amendment products packaged for use on home lawns and gardens

Pail of dry Bactifeed organic soil conditioner

Southwest Region

David Cohn

Tucson, Arizona Office (520) 869 5666


David Cohn has been working with Bactifeed since 2006. He is originally from Kansas where he received a Business Degree and served in the Marine Corp and Air Force as a helicopter pilot. He began working with Bactifeed after completing his Masters and PhD at the University of Arizona.

Midwest Region

Duane Liddeke / Feed My Soil LLC

Norwich, Kansas Office (620) 491 2745


Duane was born and raised on a farm in south central Kansas and has been involved in production agriculture his whole life. A graduate of Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Agriculture, Duane has managed over 60,000 acres of farmland in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Duane has been with Bactifeed since 2009.

Idaho State

Mike Cohn

Boise, Idaho Office (208) 949 1042


Mike Cohn DVM was born and raised in Kansas. He received his Bachelor of Science in Agriculture in 1986 and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1988, both from Kansas State University. Mike has practiced veterinary medicine in Boise Idaho since 1993, and currently practices at the Critter Clinic, which he owns. Mike has worked with Bactifeed since 2011 and enjoys the opportunity to help farmers increase their crop yields.

Bactifeed Mexico

Katie Noonan

Sonora Office (011 521) 622 227 2090


Born and raised on a ranch in Sonora, Mexico, Katie grew up with ranching, farming and a respect for healthy soil and its contribution to profitable and sustainable agriculture. Educated in the United States, Katie is fluent in both English and Spanish. She is widely-traveled in Mexico and enjoys helping Mexican farmers maximize the value of their land.

From Raymond W. Stock
Developer of the Bactifeed Soil Treatment System

The Bactifeed Soil Treatment System focuses on the biological, organic and nutrient value of your soil. As we build these vital systems in soil structure we have found that most other problems will be reduced or go away all together, making a healthier growing environment for plant growth.

What we do is not new, farmers have been incorporating some sort of biological or organic practices into to their farming for years. Some of the most common practices include the application of manures and compost. Over the years there have been many products developed that will stimulate biological activity and / or apply organic acids to the soil.

After working with many of these products for over 20 years I have seen many promising results produced in varying degrees with each of them.

In 2004, at the request of several of the farmers I had been working with, I was asked to combine what I had learned over the years and develop a system that would produce faster results, address most soil problems, cost less per acre and was easy to apply.

The results are the Bactifeed Soil Treatment Systems, a program that allows a farmer to produce and apply hundreds of gallons of a liquid rich in biologically active microorganisms on every acre, through the irrigation water.

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Golf course applications of organic bacteriological soil conditioner

Make your greens and fairways healthier, more durable and greener and reduce water usage and other input costs

Healthy golf course grass"I've been a golf course superintendent in Southern Arizona for over 25 years, and I've never seen a product as effective as Bactifeed.

We began using Bactifeed in August and we had the best overseed I've ever seen. Even though we used less expensive seed, we used less fertilizer and less water. How much less? We've used 46% less water than was used this time last year.

Even before the overseed I noticed improvement on the bare areas on the fringe of the greens -- they were actually starting to fill in -- and the driving range and other areas that brown up during summer actually maintained their color and health, even with the higher temps and water reduction."

Dave H., Fred Enke Municipal Golf Course, Tucson, Arizona

Maintaining healthy fairways and greens presents different challenges at different golf courses depending upon geographical location.

While two intertwined issues confront all golf course managers -- the cost of fertilizer and efficient water utilization -- the latter, water utilization, varies widely depending on climate. In some regions there is naturally too much water, leading to run-off of expensive fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides -- and lost player-days due to pooling after rainstorms. In other locations there is not enough natural rainwater, often requiring expensive year-round irrigation or, at the very least, seasonal irrigation.

Bactifeed provides solutions to both efficient water use and fertilizer / herbicide / pesticide expenses -- as well as minimizing lost revenue from unplayable days.

Bactifeed allows the soil beneath your golf course to open up and process water, nitrogen, and carbon much more efficiently, enabling water and nutrients to be absorbed at far greater rates than with lower levels of microbial activity.

Better -- more rapid and deeper -- water absorption provides several benefits whether your golf course has an abundance of water or requires constant or seasonal irrigation.

Bactifeed increases the rate at which fertilizer you apply is absorbed into the soil ecosystem by your courses grasses and other plants.

Fertilizers left over season after season will not run off with the irrigation or storm water, but be effectively metabolized into a healthy humus that is readily digestible by the root structures of your grasses and plants.

Your healthy soil will retain moisture below the surface, which prevents roots from dying in the heat.

Because of less storm water / irrigation runoff, less of your fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides will be washed away, protecting the purity of your water source.

Wet environment golf course bacteriological soil
conditioner success stories and testimonials

In wetter regions, like Kansas City, natural rainfall is often excessive, costing golf courses tens of thousands of dollars in lost golf revenue because of fairways being underwater or otherwise unplayable. Beyond lost player-days, standing water from downpours pools, killing grass and creating unwanted fungus, insect breeding grounds and weeds.

Several years ago Leawood South Country Club in Kansas City approached Bactifeed and asked if we could help. We designed a program that tested Bactifeed on a few particularly low areas of the course where standing water issues were particularly bad.

Within three months after the first application of our bacteriological organic soil conditioner it was clear to the superintendent the standing water was being absorbed much more quicker after heavy rains. He immediately terminated the experiment and began full-scale use of Bactifeed on the entire golf course.

The economics of his decision are obvious

For years his course had been closed for 40-45 days to let the course dry out for golfers, resulting in a massive loss of concession revenues. (It should be noted that public golf courses lose nearly double the revenue of private golf clubs because of lost green fees).

Since integrating Bactifeed into their course maintenance program, (name) course has consistently had fewer closures -- even in years with substantially more rain than average.

Lighter showers that used to stop play because of pooling are largely a thing of the past: golfers simply go back out on the course after the rain stops.

Fewer fungal issues and insect issues have been observed.

Most of all, the cost for an annual regimen of Bactifeed is made up by having one and a half days of less rain induced closure.

Dry environment golf course bacteriological soil
conditioner success stories and testimonials

A golf course in Scottsdale, Arizona, faced a number of issues related to the high alkalinity of the soil in the valley caused by water softeners.

The owner decided to use half the fertilizer he normally used, using Bactifeed every other month. The Bactifeed neutralized the alkali, which helped the soil absorb and hold the water. Holding the water prevented root burn and kept the course green during the entire season.

A water savings of nearly 35 percent was observed, and the course is in the best shape the superintendant has ever seen going into the overseed -- after 14 years on the same course!

Testimonials from golf course superintendents

"We have realized over 100 acre feet of water savings in one of the hottest years recorded (2012), while improving the playing surface and increasing the numbers of rounds played."

Carlos H., City of Tucson

"Our golf course has continually saved water and we have been able to significantly reduce our fertilizer program since we began using Bactifeed. We are able to capture the monsoon downpours (which may only last an hour) but now it does not run off, puddle, and pond, so the course can be played the same day and usually get the carts off the path much sooner.

Since the soil absorbs the fresh rain water, we are able to shut down our irrigation water (which is reclaimed water) for several days after a rain event. One inch of fresh rainwater seems to equal out to about 8-9 inches of reclaimed water."

Ann J., City of Tucson

"Sunland Springs Village has been using Bactifeed on our golf course for approximately one year and we have noted the following results.

The First thing I noticed about my grass is that it seemed to be healthy and had a vibrant color for the grass. Transition had improved vastly and the change from one grass to the other took less time. The rye grass seemed to come in better for the grow in time and everything looked greener. As for water savings this year I expect to use less water to keep the course greener.

My overall opinion is that this is a good investment for Farnsworth Golf Company, and I will continue to use this product in the future."

Bill K., Sunland Springs Village Golf Course, Mesa, Arizona

"I started using Bactifeed as a spray on spot treatment on one hole, a problem hole that no one had been able to fix. Water would puddle or run off and would not penetrate the surface. After 3 applications, water was soaking in, and my first thought was, "how fast can I get this on the rest of my golf course course."

Jose R., Red Mountain Ranch Country Club, Mesa, Arizona

"I started using Bactifeed on our golf course in January 2010. Bactifeed essentially saved us from going broke.

We had the best overseed ever with less water and fertilizer. Our green fees began to go up, and rounds per day increased throughout the year due to the improvement in the condition of the course.

We used 13.2 million gallons less water in the first 6 months of 2010 than in previous years."

Rick D., Arizona National Golf Course, Tucson, Arizona

"We started using Bactifeed as a spray on spot treatment as a test. It dramatically improved the trial area and after two spray on applications, our driving range looked better than it had in a long time.

We're now using Bactifeed in our irrigation system for the entire golf course."

Terry F., Mission Royale Golf Course, Casa Grande, Arizona

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