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Bactifeed is available for sale online for lawn and garden applications. For large scale or commercial applications, see our team page to reach out to your regional distributor.
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Lawn and Garden Products

Healthy soil rich in microorganisms makes lawns greener and flowers bloom like you've never seen before. Home gardeners love Bactifeed because it makes their job so easy! Bactifeed organic biological soil amendment products can be safely used on lawns, gardens, flowering plants, trees and shrubs. Begin making the soil in your home garden more fertile today!

Single Packet of Bactifeed

$10 + $5.95 S&H 

Used in a single application, this packet treats up to 5,000 square feet, or can be used for multiple applications if using an applicator such as a water can, to apply to individual plants or smaller areas.

Single Bottle of Bactifeed

$75 + $10.55 S&H

Used in a single application this bottle treats up to 10 acres. This bottle will usually last the average homeowner one growing season, allowing multiple applications to an average sized yard or garden.

Single Hozon Siphon Applicator

$24.90 + $5.95 S&H

Hozon is a brass venturi-type siphon applicator that meters liquids at a 1:16 rate — 1 gallon of concentrate to 16 gallons of water using your standard outdoor faucet and a hose. 100% brass, 100% Made in the USA! Hozon makes providing organic microrganisms to your garden as easy as watering the plants!

4 Packets of Bactifeed

$40.00 + $5.95 S&H

Save money and get ready for lots of good gardening! Save $17.85 on shipping and have enough Bactifeed for multiple applications on individual plants and small gardens / flower beds!

4 Packets of Bactifeed and Hozon

$64.90 + $5.95 S&H

Get started improving the soil at your home with this money-saving package!

This package makes the Hozon almost free. It’s a great starter kit for multiple applications on individual plants and small gardens / flower beds.

1 Bottle of Bactifeed and Hozon

$99.90 + $10.55 S&H

Season long starter package saves you $5.95 for multiple applications to an average size lawn or larger garden. Great option for Farmers Market growers or share with friends and neighbors!

2 Bottles of Bactifeed

$150.00 + $10.55 S&H

Buy two bottles and the second bottle ships for free. You will find a lot of uses for Bactifeed and it has an unlimited shelf life! Prices for gardening materials and fertility products typically increase 7-10% per year.

2 Bottles of Bactifeed and Hozon

$174.90 + $10.55 S&H

Free shipping on the additional bottle and Hozon! The Hozon will make application much easier — and the shipping cost savings make the Hozon less than half price!