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How Bactifeed Works

The science behind our product

It all starts with the soil

Soil consists primarily of 4 components:

~45% Mineral (Sand, Silt, Clay)

~25% Water

~25% Oxygen

~5% Organic Matter

Bactifeed directly stimulates and increases the organic matter in soil. Benefits of having good organic matter in your soil include:

Better water retention and penetration

Increased availability of nutrients to the roots

Healthier roots and reduced stress on plants

Reduced compaction and buffer salts

Deliver vital, living, breathing nutrients to your soil

Bactifeed is alive with biologicals that are essential for soil and plant health

The Brewing Process

Bactifeed is delivered in powder form, containing dormant bacteria and a food source. In order for the Bactifeed to come alive, we need to grow it in water. We call this process brewing.

The brew time typically ranges between 5-7 days before Bactifeed is fully constituted and ready to apply to fields. In most cases we typically manipulate the brew process to correspond with your irrigation cycle.

One of the ways we can increase Bactifeed incubation rate is by running a continuous brew. We do this by fully constituting a tank once per year and only running a tank down to ~1/3 capacity before refilling and adding more Bactifeed (powder). Using this continuous brew cycle allows you to have a smaller tank and get the most out of Bactifeed with frequent applications.

Organic soil remediation alternative

The Bactifeed Soil System does not compete with existing fertilizer protocols you may be using.

Quite the contrary: Bactifeed is designed to continually revitalize your soil organically through the actions of microorganisms, thereby improving water penetration and enhancing fertilizer and nutrient availability to growing crops and other plants.

Bactifeed is an easy to use dry product that, when combined with water, produces a microbe-rich liquid. The process starts with combining Bactifeed with water in a biological-generating tank. The microbes begin to multiply, and the resulting biologically enhanced water is used to inject trillions of organic microorganisms into your fields that immediately go to work to revitalize your soil.

Our clients experience rapid improvement in soil conditions, plant health and, most importantly for farmers, harvestable yields and improved crop quality.

10 ways microbacteria helps your soil:

1. Bactifeed injects a wide range of microorganisms into your soil whose biological activity result in rapid improvement of soil fertility, thereby promoting heathier plants and increased productivity.

2. Bactifeed delivers vast amounts of bio-stimulants to indigenous bacteria already in your soil, encouraging their healthy reproduction.

3. Bactifeed improves soil aggregate, thereby improving aeration, speeding water absorbtion, encouraging root development, improving plant health and reducing water consumption.

4. Bactifeed buffers salts by creating enzymes that coat the salt and makes it slip further down into the earth away from the plant roots, thereby effectively reducing the salinity of your soil.

5. Bactifeed biologically releases bound micro and macro nutrients that are left over from previous applications of chemical fertilizers and makes them available for plant intake.

6. Bactifeed provides an extensive package of minor nutrients in a highly available form to strengthen the entire soil remediation program.

7. Bactifeed fixes nitrogen within your soil.

8. Bactifeed improves overall soil efficiency and CEC (cation-exchange capacity).

9. Bactifeed buffers toxic chemicals that may be present in your soil.

10. Bactifeed stimulates natural biological humus development.

From the Developer of the Bactifeed Soil Treatment System

The Bactifeed Soil Treatment System focuses on the biological, organic and nutrient value of your soil. As we build these vital systems in soil structure we have found that most other problems will be reduced or go away all together, making a healthier growing environment for plant growth. What we do is not entirely new, farmers have been incorporating some sort of biological or organic practices into to their farming for years. Some of the most common practices include the application of manures and compost. Over the years there have been many products developed that will stimulate biological activity and/or apply organic acids to the soil. After working with many of these products for over 20 years I have seen many promising results produced in varying degrees with each of them. In 2004, at the request of several of the farmers I had been working with, I was asked to combine what I had learned over the years and develop a system that would produce faster results, address most soil problems, cost less per acre and was easy to apply. The resulting product is the Bactifeed Soil Treatment System, a program that allows a farmer to produce and apply hundreds of gallons of a liquid rich in biologically active microorganisms on every acre, through the irrigation water.

– Raymond W. Stock