Lucky Nickel Ranch endorses Bactifeed

Michael McKenzie is the owner of the Lucky Nickel Ranch, and is a Certified Organic Producer as well as proprietor of the McKenzie Inn Bed and Breakfast in Eloy, Arizona

Michael McKenzie owns the Lucky Nickel Ranch and the McKenzie Inn Bedd and Breakfast in Eloy, Arizona.  He is a COP (Certified Organic Producer) and sells his produce to many of the large organic commercial grocery stores in metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson.  Chances are, if you shop at these Organic Grocery Stores, you have eaten some of Michael’s produce.

“I own the Lucky Nickel Ranch and the McKenzie Inn Bed and Breakfast ( .  I tried Bactifeed on about 2 acres of ground where I was trying to grow a lawn.  I now have a robust mat of grass that has significantly reduced the dust, dirt and erosion on the grounds around our property while providing a much more aesthetic look to our Bed and Breakfast.  This was accomplished with a very simple and easy process.  Not only has Bactifeed solved several problems, I have also reduced my water and fertilizer use.

I have now gotten Bactifeed USDA certified for use by CCOF on my produce and other crops.   I grow for several major organic retailers and am excited about the increased production I will achieve while reducing the input costs.  I will also be able to use more natural manures as the microbes will break them down much quicker, again, increasing production while reducing costs.

Bactifeed is now part of my irrigation profile and procedure.”

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